Loyalty Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SpicyMatch Loyalty Program?

This is the Loyalty Program for SpicyMatch by which we award our members with the opportunity to earn money, month after month, promoting your favourite Swingers Social Network. Our Loyalty program is simple to use and helps you earn cash every month by promoting our website.

How much will I earn?

Our Loyalty Program is simple and straight-forward, unlike many of the other programs available out there today and you could very well be making thousands of Euros per month. The amount of money you earn is totally up to you and the amount of traffic you send to our site. The more traffic you send and the more signups you have, the more money you will make. It's as simple as that!

What is the cost to become a Loyalty Program Associate?

It costs you noting to become one of our Associates! In fact, you can start earning money within 30 days with our easy to use Loyalty Program Control Panel

Can I put multiple banners on my site(s)?

Yes, of course! We want you to use many of our banners on your site to boost your earning potential. You will find all the marketing material you need, including banners, links, texts, ect in our Loyalty Program Control Panel

Where do I get the Graphics and code I need to promote the sites?

All of the Graphics (professionally-produced Banners and Pop-Up link Graphics) as well as any codes & texts needed, along with simple instructions... are always available on-line, via our easy-to-use Promotional Tools tab of your SpicyMatch Loyalty Program Control Panel. There is a huge selection to choose from, so you can post and share new banners every now and then, just to keep things fresh.

Can I use content from SpicyMatch.com to help me promote your website?

NO! Absolutely NOT! You are only allowed to use our purposely made banners which you will find in our SpicyMatch Loyalty Programme Control Panel. Using any other content you find on SpicyMatch.com is strictly prohibited. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use for more info.

What is a Page Slug?

A page slug is the web-page URL (address) of the particular page you would like to send people via a link you post. If you leave this field blank, the banner will link to the www.spicymatch.com home page. However, you can add any page on SpicyMatch.com (such as your own Fan Page) and people that will click your link will be redirected to the page you select. Please note that only public pages such as Fan Pages, Public Events & Swinger News pages are Public Pages - do not attempt to link to Private Profiles, Groups, Newsfeed, Photo Albums, etc, as these will not work. We highly recommend that you test your link before you post it online.

What is an Invite Code?

The Invite Code is the code that tracks traffic to your SpicyMatch Loyalty Program. You can choose any words or numbers (or combination of both) that you like - it should be catchy, relates to you and easy to remember. Remember that you will be giving this Invite Code out to people so make sure it's easily remembered so people won't forget to use it.

I have thousands of email addresses I have collected from different sources. Can I promote your site by sending emails to those addresses?

We don't like spam. We hate them actually. So please don't spam others promoting our site. If you have a free site with members that agreed on receiving emails, and you want them to know about our website, its ok to send them occasional emails.

Please always consult us before using email promotion. In case we find out that someone is promoting our sites by random, aggressive spamming, we will not hesitate to terminate that account immediately.

I really like SpicyMatch - can we do a banner exchange?

Yes of course! If you website is in any way related to the lifestyle, we will be please to exchange banners and give you your own Free Fan Page. Please contact Support Profiles for more info.

Can I have my friends who already have an SpicyMatch account sign up again for a new account through my referral link code?

No. Referred members must be new to the system. We have sophisticated checks in place to prevent abuse of the referral program.

How do I keep track of the traffic I send?

All records can be easily viewed through your Loyalty Program Control Panel. Real time statistics are there for you to see 24/7. This will allow you to view your traffic and earnings at any time...on-line, all the time.

How do I get paid?

Payouts occur at the first week of each month. Your account must have at least a minimum of €100 and you must have had a new paying member within the last 90 days to receive a payment in that pay period.

What if I need more help?

We're here for you! We want you to make as much money as possilbe! Our professional technical, sales and marketing staff is always available to help you and answer any questions you may have. You can contact our Support Profiles on SpicyMatch.com at any time, or alternatively email loyalty@spicymatch.com In addition, there is a wealth of information available on-line.


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