NYE - New Year´s Eve celebration together 2016/2017

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lördag 5 november 2016

We know it may seem kind of of early to approach this subject. Bot no, not really, since every NYE somehow always isn´t really figured out anyway when it finally comes, no matter the whole pre-planning-inputs & efforts...


We are a pretty fantastic Swedish couple (also absolutely humble of course), with no children yet. So we are free to move around easily as we please, want and need.

It would for us be an amazing experience & joy to be part of something else trough this community. To do a new kind of NYE celebration, with strangers who shares our greatest joy and excitement - sex & XXX. But not by going to a swingers club or similar, rather instead have a more private arrangement were we would be a right fit in and add to the excitement even more.

We are pretty sure there exists people 20-45 years old who have the same thoughts as us. Who also are members here and can relate to this topic and would enjoy our company. So check our profile (text & photos) and talk it over together - would you like to invite us to a special celebration of yours this NYE 2016/2017? - We hope so!

Really looking forward reading your sincere and exciting respond to our "add" here. Best of thoughts & wishes to you all horny friendly beautiful people out there.

Happy fucking New Year ;) / Karoline & Peter

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im in , you guys plan it and i will be happy to join you guys