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onsdag 20 september 2017

Hi we are looking for a photograph to take some glamour type of photos. Ideally a professional person . Not just someone that wants to take pictures of my pussy. To get off on .

Thanks A and J

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Hey Pickle,

This is something that I can help you out in. Please get in touch if your interested - I'm happy to travel

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if your ever in the north east near middlesbrough I can take some for you, I also photograph weddings and corporate shoots
If you want some erotic black and white too I think you wont go far wrong

Andy X

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Thanks Andy if we come that way we will let you know xx

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Hi we are looking for a photographer also we was wondering if you had any luck cos we have been looking for awhile x

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Just buy a camera lens ! And that’s it
If you need a Hand I can give