Hitta swingers


HOT AFRO-LATIN DANCE AND XXX NIGHT. Swinger-Interracial party with summer Afrobeat-Latin sound

House of Checkers Events together with the Bar Hemmungslos have prepared a very special evening for you.

Naughty movements all night long at our Erotic Kizomba Party Hot Afro-Latin Dance and XXX Night

Kizomba? Ever heard of that? What is that?

A philosophy of life, to experience every moment intensively as if it were the last time. It stands for celebration, entertainment, playfulness and dance in direct interaction.

Head off, music on! It's about a lot of feeling, not about perfectly mastered dance steps. You dont have to know the dance, good to approach for beginners. Close your eyes calmly and let yourself be completely involved in the music, it will guide you, there is no right or wrong. We want happy people who enjoy the sensation when dancing in an erotic atmosphere. Let your lust run wild. It is way too sexy!
Kizomba means to become one with partner and music. Wrap yourself in the intimate embrace and experience pure sensuality!

Ride on the wave of exotic rhythms and let yourself be seduced

Accompanying the evening will be our favorite DJ who, in addition to Kizomba, will give us good Afrobeat sounds and Latin music ( with includes genres such as bachata, salsa & tango)

Did you heat up so much in the course of the evening that you can't stand it anymore and now want more than sexy dancing? Great! That's exactly our goal! Tear your clothes off, go to the various playgrounds and theme rooms of the Hemmungslos Swingerareal and let your urges run free!

Showers, towels, condoms etc. are on site.!

We want pleasure, dance, fun and an unforgettable night for you!

Date: June 28, 2019

Location: Bar Hemmungslos, Ludwigstraße 31, 30161 Hannover, Niedersachsen

Time: 8pm to 4am

Ticket Cost:

Female: 15 Eur

Male: 40 Eur

Couple: 30 Eur


We Look forward to an unforgetable night with you.