Hitta swingers


Visit houseofcheckers.fun for Interracial fantasies at its finest. Experience the joy you have never experienced before at our events. Since 2015 we organize exclusive VIP-interracial private parties. We decided to broaden our horizons and sign up here to reach open-minded people in the IR lifestyle. Most of the guests attending the events are personally known to us. We welcome new cuckolds, hotwife or single ladies who are open and curious to experience a black and white party, dance, play and soak up the atmosphere. Let us know your wish and we will gladly help you.

Do you like dancing kizomba or salsa in an erotic party? Our events are just right for you. Discretion is the key to our events. Our goal is to host high-profile events with men and women who are respectful and know what they want. In regular theme parties will continue z. B. celebrated with masks. The place will only be forwarded to guests whose registration has been confirmed by us. Each party theme, ranging from Interracial BDSM, Masks Black and White Parties, The Greedy Snowbunny's Party and other exclusive events, has its own set of rules. Please read the descriptions.

We do these events because we like to party and because we are fascinated by the satisfaction of our guests at each theme event.

We are not a regular Swingers party organizer. We are an entertainment group of black and white members in different European cities.

Take this opportunity to see a unique chocolate show in your city as we travel luxuriously to top villas across Europe.

We also have black striptease dancers among our team members who stage their wonderfully erotic and muscular bodies at our events.

Visit one of our events and we appreciate any review (critique or praise) so we can keep improving to organize memorable IR parties.

Click on the link to become a fan or visit the link on our profile so you do not miss an exciting party update from us.

We are currently looking for locations, such as clubs, hotels or private homes, where we can organize events. If you have a suggestion or recommendation, please send a message.




Medlemskapstyp Endast medlemmar
Genomsnittlig uppslutning 200 personer
Genomsnittligt pris 80
Alkohol tillgängligt Ingår
Mat tillgängligt Ingår
Boende ingår Nej
Friskvårdsanläggning | Ja Nej
Temafester Ja
Klubbövertagande Ja
Hotel-/Resortövertagande Ja


Male 100
Female 20
Couple 70